Are You Tired of Not Achieving Your Dreams?  Do You Want More Money?  Are You Looking for More Love in Your Life?  If You're Not Where You Want to Be Keep Reading Because Now is Your Chance to...  

"Plug into the Mind Power Pack Dream Manifestation System and Change Your Life Forever!"

You Can Now Gain Access to the Incredibly Robust Mind Power System that Will Put Your Dream Manifestation on Steroids.  And For a Limited Time During Our Launch You Can Get in at a Ridiculously Low Special Introductory Price.  

Dear Friend,


Imagine that you are the Master.  Wherever you go you stride confidently with purpose and radiate an aura of such power that anyone you encounter is magnetically attracted to you.  You are positive and happy and enjoy life to the fullest.  People like and respect you and want to be around you. 

You carry an air of supreme confidence.   You are persistent in the pursuit of your dreams.  You will not give up.  You will not be denied. 

You are spiritually grounded and centered.  Others feel relaxed and calm in you powerful presence.   You are a person that others want to be around.  You are articulate and polished and extremely charismatic.  You are a natural leader.  

No need to imagine anymore.  When you invest in the Mind Power Pack Dream Manifestation System you get access to a system that trains you to think like a Master, act like a Master and Be the Master.  In short, after awhile you won't have to imagine that you are the Master.  You will be the Master.

How Does the Mind Power Pack Train You to Become the Master?

Dream Manifesting Magic!

The core of the Mind Power Pack are affirmations designed to change the way you think - on a conscious and subcon scious level.  Affirmations are a great way to improve your life.   There are now numerous studies that point to the effectiveness of using affirmations to help you achieve your dreams.

The Mind Power Pack gives you a 100 page ebook of our most powerful affirmations in all areas.  But that's just the start.   We put the power of affirmations on steroids by taking those written affirmations and putting them into audio format.  You'll get over 100 individual audio files (mp3) of our most powerful life-transforming affirmations. Then we add background music layers to those audios to further enhance the effectiveness.  Depending on the category you'll find Mozart Effect Music to ambient chill to more upbeat music backing the track.  

These are audios created to be listened to again and again. The more you listen the more your mind will change for the better. Not only will you want to listen again and again to increase their effectiveness, but you'll do it because you enjoy listening to them! The positivity combined with the music backgrounds become addicting. And this is an addiction you'll want to keep as it benefits you and everybody around you!

But it doesn't stop there. The Mind Power Pack also uses the latest in brain enhancement and mind science technology. We combine binaural beats, isochronic tones and multi-layered subliminal tracks to help magically transform these audio tracks into tools to help you become a Dream Manifesting machine!

Again, though, we keep upping the ante. For those that enjoy visuals we have taken many of those same Dream Manifesting audios and created some mind-blowing videos with related video clips and images to further bolster their effectiveness.

Essentially, The Mind Power Pack is a multi-faceted Dream Manifestation System of powerful videos and audios designed to pepper your conscious mind with the most powerful pinpoint affirmations in a variety of areas. At the same time your subconscious mind will be flooded with more positive affirmations without the blocking filter of the conscious mind. And, to further enhance and bolster the strength of the System we also use the latest in mind and brain enhancement technology including binaural beats and isochronic tones.

This is a labor of love created over several years. All with one intention - to help you achieve your dreams.

Introducing ...

The Mind Power Pack Dream Manifestation System

Are you looking to up your game?   Do you want to radically change your life for the better?  The Mind Power Pack Dream Manifestation System was designed for you.  The Mind Power Pack was created to help you:

  • Manifest the Life of Your Dreams
  • Become a Mind Power Master
  • Attract More Money
  • Become a Love Magnet
  • Be Spiritually Grounded
  • Be Very Positive
  • Gain Super Confidence
  • Have Superior Health
  • Be Fearless
  • Be Relentless in the Pursuit of Your Dreams
  • and much more...

Hi this is Bob from the  Over the years I've created literally hundreds of mind power and motivational videos.  During that time I've been asked on numerous occasions to package them up and make them available to the masses.  Well, I've finally done so.  And, I've integrated them into a complete dream manifestation system!

Presenting the Mind Power Pack Dream Manifestation System.

So, just what do you get when you invest in the Mind Power Pack?

Mind Power Pack Magic

The Videos and Audios

The videos and audios in the mind power pack are the core of the Dream Manifestation System. They are the real magic of the System.  I've selected my top 80 most powerful videos out of the hundreds that I've created.  You'll receive:

  • 80+ mind boosting videos and
  • 100+ mind blowing audios
  • The powerful videos and audios cover a variety of self-improvement, motivational and mind power topics. The videos will be in the most common format mp4.  The audios will be in the common mp3 format.
  • The videos and audios will contain a variety of nature sounds and ambient music along with layers of audible and subliminal affirmations as well as brainwave enhancement technologies.  Now while a number of the videos and audios feature soothing background music there are some that also have more upbeat energetic music that complements that particular video.  So, yes you can "rock out" to some of these motivational videos and audios.
  • Just some of the titles of the videos and audios include: Millionaire Mindset, Attract Love, Manifest Your Desires, Build Self-Confidence, Be Assertive, Be Persistent, Blended Subliminal Money Affirmations, No Excuses, One with the Universe, Third eye Chakra, Telepathy, Super Learning, Theta waves Bora Bora, Time Flies, Money Flows, This is Your Year, 1000 Mind Power Affirmations, Super Mind Power, Develop Memory, Himalayan Dreamland, Be Relentless in the Pursuit of Your Dreams, Mind Voyage, Awakening Consciousness, Inner light, Fireball Love, Self-Esteem, Money Mastery and much more.

    Over the Years I've put many of these videos on various video sites and taken down a number of them as well.  Now that I've released this product I'll probably be taking down most of them that are still out there.  The ones I'm putting in the Mind Power Pack are the cream of the cream. Some of them have never been seen anywhere before and were created exclusively for the Mind Power Pack.  The audios from the mind power videos have never been released as pure audios before until right now.

Audio Samples from the Mind Power Pack

We have set up a an Audio Sampler at Soundcloud of some of the audios in the Mind Power Pack.  Click the following link and a new window will pop up allowing you to listen to the sampler.  Or click the red button on the box below if it appears:     Mind Power Pack Audio Sampler


These videos and audios are highly motivational and can change your life. But don't take my word for it.  Listen to the comments from some of those that have had the chance to watch and listen to them.

Testimonials from those who have watched some of the videos found in the Mind Power Pack

  • "This video along with the others give me a heck of a good ride. The song makes me feel like arnold schwarzenneger in an action movie. I feel full of POWER!" - thecommonpatriot
  • "This Manifest Your Desires video is FANTASTIC!!!!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I will be using it everyday at least twice a day!" - Phemie
  • "What's more wonderful than the tools you're presenting to folks to help them manifest what they want, need and desire, is that people who visit your webpage are awakening.  I truly enjoy reading your articles and using the powerful tools you give to help improve lives." - Emma
  • "This is an amazing video & couldn't have come at a more perfect time.  I was in a kind of negative, low energy funk and this video helped put my mind back on a more positive energetic level.  Thank you!!!...Loved the music, affirmations, and images." - StormyRain
  • "Thank you very much for posting this video. I enjoy watching this everyday. It is good to read this whenever I want to take a break. Your wordings encourage me. Once again, thank you for your sharing quality." - bluesky7070
  • "I LOVED THIS ONE!! It makes you feel so much things
    you can't explain!!!!  Thank you very much I love all your psychic videos!!!!  - bond007
  • "I loved it.  Thank you!  - Cindy B.
  • "This is really good just have it as a favorite and listen to it daily until u are very confident it works great" - princessweddy
  • "ABSOLUTLEY SO LOVE THIS!" - maefgalaxies
  • "Thanks for the video. It was a great reminder of my own worth and confidence." - agapelove490
  • "This is lovely, thank you. Hope all your wishes come true." - naturaterra
  • "Thanks for this video, I enjoyed this one as much as I do your others."  - eclipsemonkey
  • "Thanks for the wisdom and knowledge, it's powerful stuff."  - the lion of Judah
  • "Superb, this video is mind-blowing.  thank you Bob. Love this magnificent video." Kamal
  • "Thank you for this wonderful and powerful video...Please keep up the great work of helping people like myself and unlimited others.  I can't thank you enough..." - Weslife
  • "Wow, this video is powerful." Geoff Wall-Davis

Those are just a small sample of the many very positive comments we have received from those that have watched our motivational and mind power videos!

The Mind Power Pack Dream Manifestation Ebook

Step by Step System to Manifest Your Dreams

  • The Simple Step by Step System to Manifest Your Dreams
  • One Method to Manifest Your Dreams Quickly
  • How to Best Use the Videos, Audios and Tools to Accomplish Your Dreams 
  • The Importance of Taking Action Now
  • Value:  Priceless

Mind Power Pack Audio Mixtapes Collection

The Mind Power Pack comes with over 100 life changing mp3 audios. Most have been pulled directly from our powerful videos.  You can load them into your phone, tablet, or laptop and listen to them whenever you desire.  

You can also create your own high impact audio mixtapes selecting the audios you like the best. If you don't know how to do that we'll show you. 

We've also created some audio mixtapes for you ready to go right out of the box.  Below you'll find a list of the Audio Mixtapes we've created for you.  They range in length from 15 minutes to an hour.

And, for a limited time we are going to give you the Super Confidence Mixtape showcased below for free.  Just click the link below and a new window will open up.  Experience a small part of the Dream Manifestation System now:  

Free 22 Minute Super Confidence Audio Mixtape

  • Money Magnet Mix - Includes "Millionaire Mindset" "Attract $1000 Now" "Money Manifesting" "Success Consciousness" "Reach for the Stars" "Money Flows" and more...
  • Psychic Power Mix -  Includes "Super Mind Power" "Cosmic Consciousness" "Clairvoyance" "Quantum Mind Power" "Telepathy" "Free Your Mind" "Infinite Mind Power"  "Alpha Mind Power" and more...
  • Super Confidence Mix - Includes "Be Relentless" "The Courage of a Lion" "Go After Your Dreams" "New Super Confidence" "Have Confidence" "Never Give Up" "Motivational Confidence Burst"  and more... 
  • Success Mix - "Reach for the Stars" "High Energy" "Be Relentless" "Don't Quit" "This is Your Year" "Success Storm" "Success Consciousness" "Seize the Day" and more...
  • Magnetic Attraction Mix - Includes "Super Attraction" "Attract Love" "Attract Love Mind Power" and more...
  • Brain Power Mix - Includes "Increase Creativity" "Brain Meditation" "Binaural Beats with Ocean Waves" "Subliminal Super Learning" "Mind Voyage" "Develop Memory" "Theta Wa ves with Self-Improvement Affirmations" and more...
  • Soothing Relaxation Mix - Includes "Bells and Wind" "Ambient Chill with Rain" "Fall Colors" "Island Dreams" "Om Chant of the Angelic Monks" "Nature Sounds" "Ocean Waves" and more...
  • Value $99

Mind Power Pack The Affirmations Ebook

The Mind Power Pack Affirmations Ebook comes in PDF format and contains almost 100 pages of mind blowing affirmations.  That's almost every affirmation from every video featured in the package. 

The written word is a great way to absorb the powerful affirmations found in the Mind Power Pack.  They are guaranteed to flood your mind with power and leave you in a state of ultra positivity.  Also included in the book are mind power images to further bolster the affirmations.  

Just a sample of the Affirmation Titles you'll find in the pdf ebook are found highlighted below.

  • Attract Love 
  • Awakening Consciousness
  • Be Happy
  • Be the Butterfly - Transform Your Life
  • Brainwave Mind Voyage
  • Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Charisma
  • Creativity
  • Don't Quit
  • Attract Good Luck
  • Healing
  • Intuition
  • Idea Machine
  • Don't Settle for Less than Your Dreams
  • Inner Light
  • Know Thyself
  • Law of Attraction Money
  • Lose Weight
  • Lucid Dreamer
  • Manifestation Master
  • Millionaire Mindset
  • Miracle Mind
  • No Excuses
  • Power of Thought
  • and much more
  • Value $29

Special Limited Time Bonuses if You Buy Now

Make Your Dream Come True Hypnosis Audio

  • Powerful Hypnosis Audio - Trains Your Mind to Manifest Your Dreams ...
  • Daily Dose of Power - Just 15 minutes a day to transform your mind ...
  • Perfect Accompaniment to the Mind Power Pack - Hypnotize Your Mind to Achieve Your Dreams..  
  • Value $19

Harmonic Prosperity Hypnosis Audio

  • Powerful Hypnosis Audio -  Hypnotherapy to push you to financial freedom
  • Quick Dose of Money Mindset Therapy - Just 15 minutes to transform your mind into a money magnet
  • Perfect Accompaniment to the Mind Power Pack - Hypnotize Your Mind to Attract More Money 
  • Value $19

Guided Audio Meditation For Unleashing Your Hidden Potential

  • Powerful Hypnosis Audio - Guided Meditation to Release Your Hidden Potential...
  • Be All That You Can Be - Tap that Hidden Power Inside You
  • Perfect Accompaniment to the Mind Power Pack - Hypnotize Your Mind to Unleash Your Real Power!  
  • Value $17

Change Your Mind Change Your Life Ebook

  • How to Rewrite Your Reality - The Keys to Changing Your Life
  • Mental Exercises to Assess and then Change Your Life
  • Reprogram Yourself to Live Your Dream Life
  • What You Absolutely Must Do to Be Successful in Life
  • How to Silence Your Mind with Deep Meditation
  • Perfect Accompaniment to the Mind Power Pack - Another Tool to Transform Your Mind and Change Your Life for the Better!  
  • Value $17

The Daily Money Motivator

  • Get Motivated to Make More Money - 365 Daily tips! 
  • Daily Dose of Power - One Quick Money Motivator Every Day
  • Perfect Accompaniment to the Mind Power Pack - Daily Dose of Money Motivation!
  • Value $17

The Millionaire Mindset 

  • Discover the Secrets of the Millionaires - Take on the Mindset of a Millionaire! 
  • Think Like a Millionaire - And Learn How to Bank Like One
  • Perfect Accompaniment to the Mind Power Pack - The more you think about money the more you attract it!
  • Value $17

Ensure Your Dream Life with the Law of Attraction

  • 3 Ways to Change Yourself and Make the Law of Attraction Work for You
  • Foolproof Techniques to Master the Law of Attraction 
  • How to Amass Wealth by Using the Law of Attraction 
  • Hidden Secrets of Making Money out of Nothing
  • A Step by Step System to Make the Money of Your Dreams
  • 10 Powerful tips of Vibration to feel and live in the now
  • 7 Guidelines for Better Communication
  • and more...
  • Value $37

Discover and Unleash Your Power

How to Make Your Thoughts a Reality

  • Astonishing Steps to Turn Your Thoughts into Reality
  • The Unfailing Power of Desire 
  • Remarkable Ways to Reach Your Goals Easily 
  • How to Make Your Dreams Come True - Literally
  • The Miraculous Power of Belief
  • How to Get People to Willingly Support You
  • The Proper Way of Holding on to Your Thoughts to Make Them Real
  • and more...
  • Value $37


The Art of Getting Your Way Nicely

  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Move Your Career Forward 
  • Earn the Respect of Everyone in Your Life
  • Assertiveness Training for the Non-Assertive
  • How to Speak the Assertive Language
  • How to Counter Negative People
  • Vital Steps You Must Take to Resolve Conflict
  • and more...
  • Value $27

How to Find True Happiness

And Keep it Forever

  • How to Master the Boomerang Principle of Happiness
  • How to Eliminate Worry, Anxiety and Stress
  • Discover the 6 Secrets of Genuinely Happy People
  • Effective Tips for Boosting Your Happiness Levels
  • One Quick Shortcut to Happiness
  • A Simple Technique to Free Your Mind of Worries
  • How to Trimph Over Criticism
  • and more...
  • Value $27

The Hidden Power of Universal Laws

  • A Surefire Roadmap to Experiencing the Life You Want
  • The Key Formula That Makes the Universe Respond after Sending Out Your Intentions
  • How to Have a Fulfilling, Abundant Life Filled with Joy, Peace, Happiness and Good Health
  • How to Produce High Energy Positive Vibrations of Thought that Yield Great Results
  • The Steps to Visualize Your Thoughts and Make them Real
  • The Mystery on Why the Rich Seem to Get Richer While the Poor Get Poorer
  • Five Key Mistakes that People Make with Regards to Gratitude that Cause them to Not Get What they Want 
  • and more...
  • Value $37

Invest in Your Dream Life - Invest in the Mind Power Pack

Mind Power Pack Dream Manifestation System

Bonus #1 Make Your Dreams Come True Hypnosis Audio

Bonus #2  Harmonic Prosperity Hypnosis Audio 

Bonus #3   Unleash Your Hidden Potential Hypnosis Audio

Bonus #4 Change Your Mind Change Your Life ebook

Bonus #5 The Daily Money Motivator 

Bonus #6  The Millionaire Mindset

Bonus #7  Ensure Your Dream Life with the Law of Attraction

Bonus #8  Discover and Unleash Your Power

Bonus #9  Assertiveness - The Art of Getting Your Way

Bonus #10  How to Find True Happiness

Bonus #11 The Hidden Power of Universal Laws




















The Mind Power Pack and all it's Bonuses provide you with over $1000 in real world value.  And, it is worth every penny, especially if it can help You Achieve Your Dream Life.   The Mind Power Pack has been years in the making and is a true labor of love all designed to help you transform your present life into your Dream Life. 

Remember, you are getting over 100 life-changing mp3 audios that you can listen to again and again and again. We've already taken some of those audios and created ready to go mixtapes of power that allow you to focus on one area of dream manifesting if you choose.  And, to really immerse yourself in the world of making your dreams come true we are giving you our 80 most powerful mind power and motivational videos.  These are incredibly effective at helping you to radically transform yourself into a Master of Dream Manifestation.  

You are also getting a $300 bonus package that includes hypnosis audios to help you make your dreams come true, to tap your hidden potential and to attract unlimited prosperity.  The Mind Power Pack is the real deal.  Whatever level you're at now it can help you flip the switch to new uncharted heights.  But you need to act now.

To make this affordable for everyone, we are not going to charge anywhere close to $1000.  I would feel very good about charging $297 for this product (and in fact I've seen similar products sell for far more than that!).  But, I'm not going to charge you $297 or $197 or even $147 for the Mind Power Pack. 

If you act right now and make the decision to invest in the Mind Power Pack you can get lifetime access for one low price of only $39!  But this offer is only during our introductory launch and will only be available for a limited time. Once the introductory launch is over we'll be raising the price to the normal $97 price.

We use the highly respected as our merchant.  Once you click the add to cart button below you'll be taken to our Mind Power Pack product page on gumroad.  Once there just click the "I want this" button on that page and you'll be given a variety of payment options.  Once you pay it is available for immediate download.

The clock is ticking don't miss out on this life changing opportunity. 

Only $39 if you order now.  Don't miss out on this limited time offer.

This Offer Will Expire In:

We Offer A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for 30 days RISK FREE!

If you think that our product does not help you change your mind for the better, we'll refund 100% of your money. No Questions Asked!

The Mind Power Pack is for your personal use only.  You do not have the right to resell this product.  The Mind Power Pack Dream Manifestation System is available right now for instant download no matter what time it is.   Grab it while it is still available at this low introductory price!  

Don't miss out on an opportunity to change your life forever.  Make the decision now to put your Dream Manifestation on autopilot by investing in the Mind Power Pack Dream Manifestation System now.


Bob Kish

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